Napa Valley Baptist Church


Napa Valley Baptist Church selects missionaries to support:

  • Who agree with Napa Valley Baptist Church Statement of Faith, and
  • Whose primary goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached people groups through evangelism and discipleship, and
  • Who are individuals, not organizations, in full time missionary service, and
  • Who are affiliated with an approved missions agency or an approved sending church, and
  • Are approved by majority vote of the Napa Valley Baptist Church congregation, and
  • Who agree to correspond at least quarterly with NVBC indicating activities, accomplishments, challenges, changes in plans, assignment or location and prayer needs.

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Enrique Alvarado has worked as a missionary in the jungle region of Ecuador for seven years.  His wife is Rosario, and their eight children are Enrique Jr., Sandra, Irginio, Johnny, Abel, Edison, Jenny, and Naimar. 

He works under the direction of Missionary Juan Carlos Sanchez. Presently, he is the pastor of the El Capricho Baptist Church. Also, he does evangelistic work visiting several villages in the jungle region of Ecuador.  It takes him 1 to 4 hours walking to reach these villages.  

Napa Valley Baptist Church began supporting Enrique Alvarado on a monthly basis in August 2007.


Karl Andersson, his wife Masayo and their children, Joshua, Hannah, and Maria, are missionaries to the island of Izena, in Okinawa, Japan.

“I was born in Sweden in 1955 and grew up in various foster homes. I was a rebellious child and got involved with outlaw bikers and that lifestyle as a teen. I came to the USA in 1982, continued the biker life- style and met my future wife, Sharon. Before she died from acute leukemia in 1989, she repented and came back to the Lord. Sharon’s pastor took me to the hospital chapel the night before she died where I accepted the Lord as my Savior.”

“I became involved with the work of my church in Liberty, IN and went on a 6 mo. missions trip to Okinawa and Izena in the Ryuku Islands where ancestor worship is the practice of religion. The Lord spoke to my heart telling me to be a missionary there. In 1994, I married Masayo, and we went to Okinawa to serve our wonderful Savior Lord Jesus Christ.” Sunday services are conducted each Sunday on the Island of Izena, and Karl also ministers in a Japanese public school in Nago.

Napa Valley Baptist Church has supported him since January 1999.


Justus Banuel graduated from Berean Baptist Bible College in Bangalore, India. In 1983, began a ministry in Southern India that now includes 458 Baptist Churches, as well as a Bible Institute where over 300 young men have been trained and are now preaching the Gospel and pastoring churches. Over 950,000 souls have been reached, over 85,000 have been baptized.

He also runs a Christian school of 900 students where school subjects and The Bible are taught, as well as an Orphan Adoption Program that places children in Christian homes.

“Our specific material needs are more Church buildings and more Bibles, but our greatest need is prayers for The Lord to save souls.”


Kevin and Kristina Brown were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Croatia in September of 2005. The Browns graduated from the elementary education and missions courses at Atlantic Baptist Bible College, Chester, Virginia. Kevin was ordained in September 2002. They have two daughters and one son.


Napa Valley Baptist Church is proud to be The Dartts home church.

Tracy began his solo career in 1975. He wrote the songs and sang them as his wife, Sharon, accompanied him on the piano. In 1988, Tracy began pastoring the First Baptist Church of Auberry, California. He resigned the church after seven years, and in 1995 formed a family gospel group, The Dartts.

'The Dartts' began with Tracy, Sharon, and sons, Forrest and Stone Mountain. Forrest left the group in ‘96 and The Dartts carried on as a trio. In 2005, they became a quartet once again, with the addition of BJ Speer. The Dartts travel in an RV, coast to coast, border to border, and beyond. The group averages over 200 concerts a year.  Tracy Dartt has written hundreds of gospel songs, many of which have been recorded by some of the finest groups and soloists in gospel music.

The Dartts and B.J. have been members of the Napa Valley Baptist Church since 1995.


Jason Goh and his wife Poh Lai (Valencia) started their deputation as full time missionaries in 1998, and arrived in Thailand on January 18, 1999. They served 6 years in Bangkok, the capital city, and planted a church there. In early 2005, they moved to a village called Baan Namkem, in the southern part of Thailand after the 2004 tsunami.

January 18, 2012 marked their 13th year on the field. “God had allowed us to start 2 churches and there are 2 more in the pipeline. We praise God for keeping us faithful through all your prayers and support.”

They operate a Community Development Centre where kids from kindergarten to 6th grade attend classes. Last year, they took on the responsibility for the Burmese Christian School for children who are not allowed to attend public school because their parents came to Thailand illegally to escape the oppressive situation in Burma.

“Pray for the Goh’s wherever you go!”


Bill & Jennifer Hildebrand and their four sons, Braden, Preston, Landon, and Trevon, have served as missionaries at the Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya since July 2010.

The Academy is a boarding school for children of missionaries who cannot take them to their field locations for various reasons, such as safety, health, culture, education, etc. The Hildebrands mentor, counsel and teach these students, and help them develop a daily, intimate walk with Jesus Christ.

Bill has a dual BS major in Bible and Human Resources from Calvary Bible College, 2001, and an MS in Christian Studies from Calvary Theological Seminary, 2009. He has been in full-time youth ministry for over 25 years.

Napa Valley Baptist Church began supporting the Hildebrands in January 2010.


Marvin and Rosalie Hooge began their missionary work in Mexico in 1966.  They started churches in Miguel Aleman and in Saltillo. Marvin went to be with the Lord in March 2011.

"Please continue to pray for health and strength as I serve him here in this country where such terrible things going on every day. Only God is able to make this situation right again, it’s a sure thing the Mexican government can’t do it."

NVBC has supported the Hooges for 12 years. They are the parents of Pam Waters, wife of our previous pastor, Dave Waters.


Scottie and Kristi Hudgins were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries in May 2000. Scottie is a 1998 graduate of the missions course of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. Kristi is a 1996 graduate of the elementary education and missions course of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. They served their internship at the Berean Baptist Church, Bolivar, Missouri, where Scott was ordained in 2000. 

They have ministered in Lebanon and Egypt.  Because they were unable to get residency status in those countries, they relocated to Bogotá, Colombia in 2007.


Ramzi Kammar graduated from Baptist Bible College and was ordained in Springfield, Missouri at the High Street Baptist Church on May 21, 1981. In May of 1991, he earned a Doctorate in Systematic Theology from the then Baptist Christian University (now Louisiana Baptist Seminary in Shreveport, Louisiana).

Ramzi went into the missions field in Lebanon in May 1982. He was deported from Lebanon in June 1992 for planting the Marjaeoun Baptist Church in the Security Zone between Lebanon and Israel.  Since that time, for the past 19½ years, Ramzi and Ruth Kammar have been missionaries in Jerusalem, Israel.

  • Established the Sidon Baptist Church (Sidon - Lebanon)
  • Planted the Marjaeoun Baptist Church (Security Zone - Lebanon)
  • Started the First Bible Baptist Church of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Writer of the Arabic Reference Study Bible that he has been working on for the past 30 years.


Amanda and Brent have been involved in full-time ministry for the past five years.  They traveled with two ministries, Christ In Youth and Real Encounter Outreach, focusing primarily on youth evangelism. In 2008, God called them to serve in Manila, Philippines, and they quickly made preparations for their departure.  They just completed an 18-month internship in the Philippines working with missionaries Lance and Melanie Gotcher. They were approved as BBFI Career missionaries in May 2012.


Since 1974, David and Buliammayi have been supporting the ministry works of his father, Joshua Mallipudi, who pastored several churches in various villages in India.  After his passing in 1990, they began a different phase of ministry in India by planting churches and supporting national pastors in various towns and villages in Andhra Pradish.

After a trip to India in 2003, they realized that they would no longer be able to keep personally funding all the ministries because they were growing so fast.  Soon after returning from this trip, they started a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, "Reaching India for Christ," to partner with others and expand the effectiveness of their ministry.

In April 2007, they felt led of God to leave their jobs in the United States and go to India as missionaries through the Baptist Bible Fellowship.  God has placed on their hearts a goal of planting 50 churches in India.


David and Florence McDonald have been missionaries in Almeria, Spain since 1984. “We arrived in Almeria alone and learned the language and started winning souls in three locations in which we started churches with the new believers that the Lord has blessed us with.”

They have three children:  Michele lives in Almeria, is married to a young man in our 1st church; they both work there and are a help in the church. David II lives in the U.S. He and his wife are active members of their home church in Michigan.  Rachel graduated from Midwestern Baptist College. She plans to be a missionary and is not sure where the Lord will call her yet.

Napa Valley Baptist Church began supporting the McDonalds in 2004.



Brent & Sheila Moeller have been missionaries in Durban, South Africa, since 1991. They have three children: Karissa, Micah, and Landry.

Their primary focus is Ministry and Church Planting among the Zulu Speaking people of metro Durban. Large numbers of people are flooding into the metropolitan areas of South Africa, in search of employment. This migration makes the urban areas a very needy area of witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.

NVBC began supporting the Moellers in October 2004.


Jason Powers and his wife Gracie have been missionaries in Phnom Penh, Cambodia since 2003.  They have four children: Christian, Lelaine, Ethan, and Aaliyah.

The Powers have started four churches in Phnom Penh. They have seen a tremendous spiritual growth in their  sports outreach, churches, as well as their river boat ministry.


Larry and Dixie Quade began their work in Wales in 1984.  They have three adult children and seven grandchildren. They live in Wrexham.

Their work in Wales was interrupted in 1995 when they went on a 20-month medical furlough to deal with Larry’s health.  They were partially victorious in discovering what the problem was (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and how to live with it - there is no cure.

“As we continue our ministry in Wales, we are encouraged by God's faithfulness and His continued blessings' upon our lives - personally and in the church. We are so grateful for faithful prayer partners and financial supporters. People everywhere are worried about the economy and what is going to happen. I am so glad that our God is big enough to take care of our every need - we do not have to worry!”

Napa Valley Baptist Church has supported them since 1983.


Dustin was born and reared in Chile, where his parents are missionaries. When he finished High School, he came to the States to attend Bible College.  Carla was also born and reared in Chile, but as a national. She and her family were saved through Dustin’s parents’ mission church.

"Since our youth, God has been calling us to serve Him full-time in different ways; He has put us on a specific path, with a shared desire and passion, and a solid direction as to where to minister. Tracing back to our childhood, God has prepared us with a heart to minister to His people, and equipping us culturally, socially and through knowing the language. Our heart rejoices at the thought of knowing that our people may also receive the same salvation we have, now the true God, and understand the purpose of life."


Dan and Rachael Smith were recognized as Baptist Bible Fellowship Short-term missionaries to Portugal in May 1999. They were approved as full time missionaries to Portugal in May of 2002. Dan is a 1984 graduate of the missions course of Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, and Rachael is a 1997 graduate of the missions course at Baptist Bible College. Dan and Rachael have three daughters: Bethany, Alyssa and Annette.

They live in Portalegre, Portugal on the east side of Portugal, close to the border of Spain and are working to plant the first Baptist church in that region of Portugal.


Leighton and Regina Spinney were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries to Belize in September 1997.

Leighton graduated in 1996 from the missions course at Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Missouri. Regina graduated from BBC in 1994 from the missions course. They served their internship at Sauk Trail Baptist Temple in Richton Parks, Illinois, where Leighton was ordained in 1997.

The Spinneys have three sons and two daughters:  Amanda, Melissa, Justin, Steven, and Ryan.


Randy and Phyllis Stirewalt were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries in September 1978 and have been missionaries to Kenya since that time. Randy and Phyllis are both 1974 graduates of the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri.

They are church planters and since their arrival, over 250 churches have been planted, with an average combined attendance of over 35,000. They have four Bible Institutes for the training of Pastors and Church leadership, in addition to four Pastor’s conferences that are held yearly. Lay Leadership training, Youth Leadership Training, and Youth camps are also a part of their ministry to the area.

The Stirewalts have three daughters and one son. Their oldest daughter, Patty, and her husband, Jonathan Mohler, are also BBF missionaries to Kenya.

Napa Valley Baptist Church began supporting the Stirewalts on a monthly basis in January 2008.


Mike and Sandy Todd have been missionaries in Argentina for 20 years.  They were approved as Baptist Bible Fellowship missionaries in May 1992. They live in Junín, in the province of Buenos Aires. They have two children: Michael and Stephany.

Mike is a 1988 graduate of the missions course of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri. Sandy is a 1987 graduate of the elementary education course of BBC, and she completed the concentrated missions course in 1988.

“We worked in Buenos Aires upon arrival and pastured a church there for a couple of years. We moved to Junín in 1995 and started the first independent Baptist church in the city. A couple of years later, we helped start a second church that is now completely on its own. Currently I am still pastor of the first church we started.”


Lavon and Carolyn Waters have been BBFI missionaries since 1958.  They spent close to 12 years in the field of Uruguay, South America, and have been on the field of Spain since 1971.

Their daughter is Joy Loveday, wife of Bro. Jack Loveday and they have been missionaries in Spain for the past 25 years.

Their son is David Waters, former pastor of NVBC. He was previously a missionary to Spain and also Italy.